Sales and delivery

These general terms of sale and delivery apply to all Kvadrat deliveries. The aim is to briefly describe the terms which apply to the delivery of Kvadrat products and which go beyond what is required by current Danish legislation.

Contractual basis
In principle, Kvadrat deliveries are covered by the Danish Sale of Goods Act. In addition, Kvadrat relies exclusively on the below-mentioned exceptions or on a written agreement entered into for a specific transaction. Thus, Kvadrat does not accept any terms of sale stipulated by the buyer before or after the issue of the order confirmation, unless confirmed in writing by Kvadrat.

An offer quoted by Kvadrat is not binding until Kvadrat has received the buyer’s acceptance and has issued an order confirmation. Any offer made by Kvadrat is valid for 90 days from the date of the offer. The order confirmation and these general terms constitute the purchase agreement entered into between the buyer and Kvadrat. All prices quoted by Kvadrat are based on these general terms and reflect the limited liabilities of Kvadrat. Where a buyer wants to deal with Kvadrat on other terms than these general terms, this may be agreed separately and Kvadrat may make a revised quotation.

Kvadrat Roller Blinds
Where a delivery includes the delivery of Kvadrat Roller Blinds, the special terms set out in Appendix 1 will apply to the delivery in addition to the terms set out herein.

Soft Cells
Where a delivery includes the delivery of Soft Cells, the special terms set out in Appendix 2 will apply to the delivery in addition to the terms set out herein.

Ready Made Curtain
Where a delivery includes the delivery of Ready Made Curtain, the special terms set out in Appendix 3 will apply to the delivery in addition to the terms set out herein.

Purchase price
The purchase price is quoted in the order confirmation exclusive of VAT and other indirect taxes. Where the purchase price is not mentioned in the order confirmation, the price applicable on the date of delivery applies. Kvadrat may adjust the purchase price if overall manufacturing costs increase due to unforeseen circumstances such as an increase in the price of raw materials, direct and indirect taxes, etc.

When the terms and conditions of delivery have been agreed, they must be construed in accordance with the INCOTERMS applicable at the time of purchase. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is Ex Works. Kvadrat handles shipping and determines the method of dispatch. Dispatch is made at the buyer’s expense, risk, etc. Other terms and conditions must be agreed separately. Duty of complaint and examination The buyer is obliged to examine the products carefully upon receipt
and to report and describe any product defect which it has or ought to have noted without undue delay and not later than eight days from receipt. The buyer is not entitled to later invoke any defects which would have been revealed by such examination.

Unless otherwise stated, Kvadrat’s terms of payment are 30 days from the date of the invoice. In the event of late payment, i.e. later than the due date of the invoice, default interest is added subject to the provisions of the Danish Interest Rate Act, i.e. at a monthly rate equal to Danmark Nationalbank’s reference rate of interest + 1%.

Conditional sale
To the extent that conditional sale is permitted under current legislation, the products remain the property of Kvadrat until payment has been made.

Product consistency
Kvadrat guarantees that the products meet the specifications set out in the order confirmation subject, however, to the level of tolerance deemed acceptable by the industry. Kvadrat does not guarantee product suitability for specific purposes unless specifically requested by the buyer and this is specifically mentioned in the order confirmation.